What Reading Dragon are You? Part 1

Not every reader is created equal. Each and every one of you is unique! I’d like to introduce you to some different types of readers…Golden Dragon style.

You can probably relate to more than one of these dragons. You might even see yourself in all of them…but I bet there are a few that stand out. Let me know who your favorite is in the comment section. For more information check out the second part of this quiz and my wordpress blog The Golden Dragon's Library.

Created by: mlq93

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  1. I prefer carrying a reading device on trips rather then packing books.
  2. I've had to explain that I was just crying because of a book before.
  3. I have considered starting my own book/fan club.
  4. I purchase e-books on a regular basis.
  5. There is a large pile of books on my dresser/desk.
  6. My friends know that it's hard for me to keep spoilers to myself.
  7. I don't think I'd get much use out of a reading device.
  8. I often get lost in informational texts.
  9. I rarely recommend books to other people.
  10. The non-fiction section is my favorite section of the library.
  11. I enjoy reading books slowly.
  12. I've never belonged to a book club.
  13. I'm wary of reading books in public that have emotional content.
  14. I have considered starting my own book/fan club.
  15. I am jealous of fast readers.
  16. I enjoy reading textbooks/assigned material.
  17. I often flip to the last page of a book to find out how it ends.
  18. I'm usually the last one to finish a book, even if I enjoy it.
  19. I have made a public outburst while reading.
  20. I love the feel of paper books in my hands.
  21. My friends and family members come to me first for book recommendations.
  22. I have a knack for suggesting new books to my friends.
  23. I have at least one reading device, such as a Kindle.
  24. I was the first one in my group of friends to purchase a reading device.
  25. People often tell me that I'm a fast reader.
  26. I like buying interesting books before I read them.
  27. I prefer knowing how a book/movie ends before reading/watching it.
  28. I tend to finish books before my friends/classmates do.
  29. My TBR pile is always growing.
  30. I enjoy slowly reading a book.

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Quiz topic: What Reading Dragon am I? Part 1