How Golden Are You

Some People That I Have Had Some Good Times With Might Be Able To Score Higher, Then Some Of You Might Completely Fail At It. Try To See If You Know Me, Then If You Succeed You Will Considered A True Golden Fan...

Do You Have What It Takes To Be My Friend?? Lets See...Go Ahead I Dare Ya. Not Everyone Will Get Everything Right, Not Everyone Will Get Anything Right, Not Everyone Can Be My Friend. Im Crazy..

Created by: Kate

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  1. In First Grade Steph's Mom Used To Take Us To McDonalds Sometimes In The Morning...What Did I Order??
  2. In Holy Rosary, What Day Was My Favorite Lunch Day??
  3. What Grade Did I Cut Off My Finger??
  4. Kelly Fox's Mom Threw Her A Sleep Over...What Movie Did We Watch That Night??
  5. My Senior Year I Had Surgery To Remove What Organ??
  6. Steph And I Would Never Reveal Where We Were From...Where Was It That We Usually Said We Came From??
  7. In High School, Joe Loftus' Dad Thought My Name Was What??
  8. Who Is My Favorite Muppet??
  9. Steph And I Used To Go Buy "Cool Paper" To Write Notes In School To Eachother, Where Did We Buy That "Cool Paper"
  10. When I Stole Stephs Car In High School, Who Drove It For Me??
  11. What Is My Favorite Color??
  12. When Steph, Shannon And I worked At Moses Taylor Hospital, Who Was "My" Security Guard??
  13. Steph, Adam, Joe, Trish And I Went Camping..We Left Because It Was Raining, Whose House Did We End Up At??

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