Golden Personality?

Although many of you may think you have a golden or friendly personality-but some of you don't. I made this quiz so that you can know if you have a golden personality.

Do YOU have a golden personality? Take this quiz to find out. Dedicated to my friends Brianna H., Bryanna W., Grace, Roayshia, and Kennedy. I hope this quiz guides you towards a golden personality.

Created by: jenora chester
  1. If a nasty rumor about one of your friends goes around your school, what do you do?
  2. How often do you share your belongings?
  3. Are you into cliques?
  4. If you are into cliques, then what cliques?
  5. If a "nerd" asks you out to the dance and you don't want to go with him what do you say?
  6. Have you ever started a rumor about someone?
  7. What kind of personality do you think you have?
  8. Have you ever bullied anyone?
  9. Do you have a high self-esteem?
  10. What is your highest priority?

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