The Golden Girls

If you were an avid fan of the "The Golden Girls" these questions will probably be fairly easy for you. Even if you were a casual watcher you can get most of the answers correct but it's been a while since it was on TV.

It was a memorable show and ran for seven years. There were and still are re-runs for much of the time since its ending. How much do you know or maybe it would be better to ask, how much do you remember? You'll know if you were a true fan or not after taking the quiz.

Created by: J.C.
  1. What was Sophia's last name?
  2. What was the name of Rose's home town.
  3. What was Dorthy's nickname?
  4. Stan was once married to.
  5. In what City was the show set?
  6. Rose's husband died of a heart attack while doing what activity?
  7. Who was the original owner of the home where the Golden Girls lived?
  8. The Golden Girls sitcom originally aired from:
  9. In real life, who was the eldest of the Golden Girls?
  10. Where did Sophia live just prior to the beginning of the sitcom?

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