Which Golden Girl Are You?

"The Golden Girls", which first aired in September, 1985, changed the way America looked at older women who had never been truly represented on television prior. Bea Arthur, Estelle Getty, Betty White, and Rue McLanahan were instrumental in giving middle-aged and elderly women an honest voice in our society. This quiz allows you to know which of their lovely characters YOU most resemble!

Which Golden Girl do you think you're the most like? Are you a witty Dorothy, a sexy Blanche, a wise Sophia, or an adorably naive Rose? Take this short quiz and you'll soon have the answer to this important question! ENJOY!

Created by: Adam of AdzSpace
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  1. Let's say you're at a department store trying on clothes, and you've found one without an inktag on it that you're just DYING to buy--but it's out of your price range. Do you:
  2. You're starving in the middle of the night and you're standing in front of the refrigerator. What do you grab first?
  3. Let's say you were to pick the name of your future husband (or change the name of your current one). Which would you choose?
  4. You're going to the funeral of a friend's close family member. What do you wear?
  5. One of your friends has just gotten a date with the most gorgeous doctor in town! What is your first response?
  6. You're at a dinner party and you've just met a man you find extremely attractive. Which flirty line do you work into the conversation?
  7. Which of the following literary titles do you feel best sums up your personality?
  8. Which school subject(s) was your favorite growing up?
  9. Pick three adjectives to describe your pet:
  10. Which of the following movies would you watch first?

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