What Dog Breed Are You??

Of course, some time in your life you probably have thought " what dog or animal would i be?" a poodle, the loyal golden retriever... well now this is a quiz to see! this is just a fun quiz to see what DOG BREED YOU ARE.

Now, lets see. what kind of breed are you? are you couargeous, adventerous? a gossip girl? well there are two ways...too gues or ...to take the quiz! did you know you are a poodle???? haha. well maybe a golden retriever. such interesting results!

Created by: Miss Ana
  1. When someone makes a big mistake in their speech, you...
  2. When someone's pet died that they were very close too, you...
  3. When there is a great party, that only the most popular people are invited to, and you are invited!, but there is a test, you...
  4. There is a walk/run fundraiser to raise money for cancer...you
  5. You see your crush in the hall, you...
  6. What kind of drink at a party?
  7. Your perfect day is..
  8. Whats your ideal vacation spot??
  9. Do you like cats?
  10. Did you like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: What Dog Breed am I??