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Discover how well you understand English spelling and grammar. Is English your native language or something you are learning? Test your fluency and understanding of the rules of grammar, spelling, and pronunciation. Did you pay attention to those topics in school?

Our English Quizzes

  • What American accent do you have?
    [by: Xavier Kun, rated: rated: 4/5, published: Oct 29, 2006]

    To most Americans, an accent is something that only other people have, those other people usually being in New York, Boston, and the South. And of those…

  • Are You Gooder at Grammar?
    [by: davisgroves, rated: rated: 4.14/5, published: Nov 4, 2006]

    "your so kewl lets get 2gether sumtim" Sometimes a person can wonder if anyone knows how to spell anymore. Sometimes a person has to wonder if teachers have…

  • Do You Pronounce Words Right?
    [by: James, rated: rated: 3.66/5, published: Apr 3, 2007]

    Woe unto the English scholar who must hear daily the mangling of the language by its speakers. So many of us mispronounce so many words, it's a wonder we…

  • What kind of English do you speak? British or American?
    [by: Rom Dod, rated: rated: 3.61/5, published: Dec 14, 2016]

    British English is the form of English used in the United Kingdom, including all dialects. American English is the form of English used in the United States,…

  • What single word describes you?
    [by: annafrozen12, rated: rated: 3.67/5, published: Jul 26, 2016]

    A series of questions will ask you to pick between two options. Based on your answers, you'll be matched with a word that represents you.

  • So you think you can spell
    [by: Dozy Deb, rated: rated: 3.11/5, published: Nov 22, 2013]

    So, you think you can spell? Please remember these spellings are 'English' versions of spellings, not American English. Some of these words are the most…

  • How's Your Grammar?
    [by: Maggie Amaya, rated: rated: 3.02/5, published: Jun 8, 2009]

    Many people post things on the internet without checking their spelling or grammar. Oftentimes, they use incorrect spelling or the wrong word to complete a…

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