Very Basic English Grammar Exercise

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This quiz is a Elementary English Grammar Exercise for beginners and it includes very easy simple 10 questions that you can answer them easily!!! Hope you enjoy it!

In this quiz you can learn something or it just would be a good repetition of your lessons in school. Remember: “If you really want something you gotta earn it!” HAVE FUN!

Created by: Severus Snape7

  1. Jenny ___________ tired.
  2. " ___________ is she?" "She's my friend from London"
  3. Today is Wednesday. Yesterday it ___________ Tuesday.
  4. It's Thursday today. Tomorrow it ___________ Friday.
  5. ___________ lots of animals in the zoo.
  6. How many people ___________ in your family?
  7. "Has Steve got a sister?" "No, he ___________, but he's got 2 brothers."
  8. Where ___________ Sarah live?
  9. ___________ to London on the train yesterday?
  10. Jack ___________ English, Spanish and a bit of French.

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