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Are you bilingual? How fluent are you in English, in Spanish, in German? Take our quizzes and find out how well you can speak another language. Don't feel discouraged if you don't score highly. There is always more to learn!


  • EnglishDiscover how well you understand English spelling and grammar.

Our Language Quizzes

  • Spanish Basic Expressions
    [by: kelsie, rated: rated: 2.94/5, published: Sep 10, 2010]

    Spanish (EspaƱol) is a great language, but many only know some basic expressions. Greetings, various questions, other simple bits. But not many of those…

  • What language should you learn?
    [by: Anastasia, rated: rated: 4.35/5, published: Sep 17, 2010]

    Many people wonder what they should learn as a second language. There are many you can choose from and find useful. This quiz uses 8 of the most popular world…

  • Foreign Words and Phrases
    [by: Rik, rated: rated: 3.65/5, published: Dec 8, 2006]

    There are some smart people out there--some smarter than others. Some even know some words or phrases in some foreign languages. Here is your chance to test…

  • Are You Good At Foreign Languages?
    [by: julles, rated: rated: 4/5, published: Sep 27, 2008]

    Are you multilingual? See if you can decipher these snippets from ten different foreign languages.

  • What should be your second language?
    [by: Vesa, rated: rated: 3.5/5, published: Oct 3, 2010]

    There are many languages out there...and you might have been wondering, "What is the best for me?" This quiz is the answer to all your pondering. Should you…

  • Korean Alphabet Quiz (Vowels)
    [by: John, rated: rated: 3.47/5, published: Feb 25, 2012]

    Trying to learn Korean? Give this beginner-level quiz a try.

  • Intermediate Italian Language Quiz
    [by: hi, rated: rated: 3.2/5, published: Sep 27, 2015]

    Quiz yourself and gauge your progress in learning Italian.

  • How good at German are you?
    [by: Chloe12, rated: rated: 3.06/5, published: Nov 17, 2013]

    Are you sick and tired of other so-called "German" quizzes that don't test all the areas of the language and include only one area, i.e, "what does this mean…

  • The Japanese Language Quiz!
    [by: Hinata, rated: rated: 3.05/5, published: Apr 22, 2007]

    How much do you know the Japanese language? Take this quiz and find out! Do you know what "ai" means or how about "dobe"? We shall soon see once and for all...

  • Latin Comps Quiz
    [by: Tesla Mitchell, rated: rated: 2.65/5, published: May 19, 2015]

    This is to study for my Latin comps, want to try it? Find out if your studying has paid off.

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