Foreign Words and Phrases

There are some smart people out there--some smarter than others. Some even know some words or phrases in some foreign languages. Here is your chance to test your skill at deciphering foreign tongues and identifying them. I trust you're up to the challenge.

Even if you've never studied a foreign language before, this quiz is for you. Eliminate the answers you know are wrong, and focus in on your common sense super-powers! If you've studied a language or two this is especially for you. There are some people out there, few as they are, who are try-lingual--that is, they'll try any language! If this is you, I couldn't stop you from taking this quiz. If you're addicted to languages, please direct others like you to this quiz. Ready to give it a try? Begin......if you dare!

Created by: Rik
  1. Which German word means both "health" and "God bless you"?
  2. Caliente is Spanish for:
  3. Mazel-tov is Yiddish for:
  4. Which is not an acceptable translation for "Bonjour" (French)?
  5. "Mange takk" is "thank you very much" in which language?
  6. "Do widzenia" means "good-bye" in which language?
  7. "Buenas noches" is Spanish for:
  8. "Talar Ni engelska?" is Swedish for
  9. "Good-bye" in Italian would be:
  10. The days of the week: Sonntag, Montag, Dienstag, Mittwoch, Donnerstag, Freitag, Samstag. Which language?
  11. "What be happ'nin'?" would mean:
  12. The Greek phrase "Milate Gallika;" means:
  13. "vous avez raison" is French for:
  14. The word "voortrekker" is Afrikaans for:
  15. In Latin, "insula" means
  16. The word "carreg" means "stone" in which language?
  17. "Gemeinschaft" is German for:
  18. "Vamos a nadar" is Spanish for:
  19. "Porta" is Latin for
  20. "Ei" is "no" in
  21. If you wanted to ask "Have you any chicken soup" in Dutch, which would be the best words to use?
  22. How would you best say "little war" in Spanish?
  23. "Larghetto" is Italian for
  24. "Gazpacho" is Spanish for
  25. "Jeden, dwa, trzy, cztery,..." is "One, two, three, four,..." in which language?
  26. Kala Xristougenna is close to "Merry Christmas" in which language?
  27. "Cead mile failte" is Gaelic for
  28. The Spanish phrase "?Puedo irme ahora?" means

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