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  • how do you get the answers?

    memememe34 Feb 8 '13, 2:19PM
  • Pretty cool..... I got 86%. I speak English and German, other than that, I just have an ear for foreign languages and pick up phrases, knowing what they mean intuitively.
    It would be nice if in the end they'd let you know what they all mean, so you can learn the ones you didn't get, and know what you got right for the ones where you guessed.

    ursulamargrit Sep 28 '12, 12:12AM
  • 64%
    But I'm pretty sure it's because they don't ask about the ones I actually know which is: Spanish, Japanese, English, Chinese, and my national language

    Kristingm Jan 17 '12, 10:00AM
  • 93% I'm surprised I did so well... I only speak spanish and english... and my spanish is iffy because i had no clue what that soup was... lol... I want to see what I got wrong... I guessed on most of them...

    Nicamericana Jun 16 '11, 12:16PM
  • I do not know how to view which I got wrong/right

    sunnybee Dec 31 '10, 1:01PM
  • 50%? Well, at least I got all the Spanish right. Gracias por el examen. :)

    caritiqui Mar 22 '10, 10:37PM
  • 54%??? well den..atleast..jaja

    carinae Feb 11 '10, 11:17PM
  • Hmmm...I got 54%. All I know is German. Humph. Some of your answers...pretty funny! Great challenging quiz!

    NoName Sep 25 '09, 3:12PM
  • funny quiz.
    consid ering the only language i know is english and tagalog..

    samisuessy Jul 27 '08, 3:41PM
  • can i have the answers in my goto quiz pleasee....

    rosemarie May 22 '08, 9:58PM
  • 92% not bad i suppose considering English is my third, Spanish is my 4th and German is my 5th language mauhahaha ..if i spoke any of the Finnish, Dutch or French even i would probably end up with a 100 %. LOL. and come to think of it im not a nerd im an interpreter hahahaha

    AnnaBanana Jan 22 '08, 4:56AM
  • i got 0 percent

    fantazygirl Jan 13 '08, 4:47PM
  • Lol I was very happy you asked loads about of European languages. *speaks 4*

    Alyssia031 Jan 4 '08, 3:20PM
  • Not My Cup O Tea. Oh Well.

    dolphin07 Nov 27 '07, 2:10AM
  • I enjoyed this exercise!!!!!! Thank you

    benitay Oct 18 '07, 6:15PM

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