What kind of foreign people do you dislike?

Do you hate foreign people but don't know which kind. You've come to right place. This quiz will give you the answer. Don't hesitate! Don't sit there wondering! Take this quiz now!

What foreign person can't you stand? You're about to find out! This will tell you what foreigner you completely despise. As I told you, don't stand there! Answer your question now.

Created by: spankycrest1191@aol.com
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  1. You hate Spanish class, and you'd never stuff your face with that garbage the Latin Americans call food.
  2. Your teacher says you have to research a French-speaking country. What do you say?
  3. You dream of vandalizing Chinatown, and setting Beijing on fire.
  4. If a Mexican person was standing right next to you now, what would you do?
  5. Do you want to visit Paris?
  6. You love to read about emperors destroying China.
  7. What is your opinion about Mexico?
  8. Do you hate French class?
  9. Would you eat Chinese food?
  10. Would you eat French food?
  11. Would you eat Mexican food?
  12. Would you learn Spanish?
  13. Would you learn French?
  14. Would you learn Chinese?
  15. Your personal motto would be "I hate the stupid #@%#ing Mexicans!"
  16. Your personal motto would be "I despise French people."
  17. Your personal motto would be "I just hate the Chinese!"

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Quiz topic: What kind of foreign people do I dislike?