Could You Be An Insurgent?

These days the label "insurgent" has a very negative conotation. It is often used to decribe terrorists who refuse to relinquish authority to a government authority. However, an insurgency is defined as a revolt against an oppressive government, whether domestic or by a foreign occupation.

Could you be an insurgent if you needed to be? If your country was occupied by an oppressive foreign government that attacked you, your family and your religion, would you fight back? How commited would you be?

Created by: Michael
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. How social are you?
  2. How impressionable are you?
  3. How patriotic are you?
  4. How strong is your integrity?
  5. How religious are you?
  6. How important are your loved ones?
  7. How tolerant are you?
  8. How stubborn are you?
  9. How peaceful are you?
  10. How brave are you?
  11. How do you fight?
  12. How resourceful are you?
  13. How team-oriented are you?

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