How Well Do You Know Divergent/Insurgent?

Are you a fan of the books Divergent & Insurgent by Veronica Roth? How well do you actually know the story? Do you know all the characters' secrets? How well do you really know the relationship between Tris & Four?

FIND OUT if you are an expert on Divergent & Insurgent, or...not so much ("have you even read the books?!"). Are you a devoted fan...or a wannabe? In only 15 questions, YOU'LL KNOW!

Created by: Hailey
  1. What are the first stunts Tris must complete in Dauntless initiation?
  2. After going through her fear landscape, how many fears does Tris have?
  3. Where did Tris and Four have their first kiss?
  4. What faction is Tris's mother originally from?
  5. What faction is Tris's father originally from?
  6. Which of Tris's friends does she kill while he/she is under a simulation?
  7. How did Four save Tris's life in Divergent (not Insurgent), other than on the Ferris wheel?
  8. When/where does Four tell Tris that he's in love with her?
  9. How does Al die?
  10. How does Tris find out that Four is Divergent?
  11. How old are the Dauntless initiates?
  12. How old was Eric when he became a Dauntless leader?
  13. How does Tris kill Eric?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Divergent/Insurgent?