What Divergent factor are you meant for?

DIVERGENT is a popular science-fiction series by Veronica Roth. It has currently been filmed as two movies, Divergent and Insurgent. Tris is torn between her Abnegation family and her fearless side of things. Then she discovers she's a Divergent, and all hell breaks out in the city.

What faction are YOU in? The factions are what the city is divided into to keep the peace. Dauntless is the brave, protecting force. Erudite value knowledge and are the center of the technology field. Candor people are honest and respectful. Abnegation rejects vanity and help the faction-less. Amity are always smiling and are a wonderfully democratic faction.

Created by: lexi
  1. First up, your average school grade was/is:
  2. The classic question; What's your favorite color?
  3. Your teacher asks you to do a landscape artwork project. You paint a:
  4. Have you even seen or read Divergent? (Hint, if you want to learn more about it, I suggest reading the book first)
  5. At school you are:
  6. When you go to college/university, what are you hoping to study?
  7. When you grow up, what do you want to be?
  8. You are playing with three other friends outside and your little sibling. Your brother/sister falls and starts to sob. What do you do/say?
  9. A bit off topic, but will you rate/comment?
  10. Lastly, goodbye. Thanks for taking this quiz! :)

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Quiz topic: What Divergent factor am I meant for?