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The genre of science fiction writing encompasses many books and series with dedicated fan-bases. Our sci-fi collection is small at the moment, but growing. There is much more to come.


Our Science Fiction Quizzes

  • What GONE Series Character are you?
    [by: Nicole, rated: rated: 4.32/5, published: Mar 14, 2010]

    Find out which main character you are from Michael Grant's GONE series. The quiz results include: Quinn, Astrid, Sam, Diana, Edilio, Caine, Drake, Lana, etc.

  • What Pendragon Character Are You?
    [by: deyonce, rated: rated: 4.05/5, published: Jan 25, 2007]

    What Pendragon Character are you? Will you be the good Bobby,the fun Spader, the caring but clumsy Alder, or the strong Loor? Or is the Traveler buisness not…

  • Which Maze Runner Character are you?
    [by: Morgan, rated: rated: 3.79/5, published: Feb 16, 2010]

    Have you read the Maze Runner by James Dashner? Did you think itwas totally awesome? Can you just not wait until the next book comes out? Well, while your…

  • How much do you know about the Divergent series?
    [by: hermiones12, rated: rated: 4.5/5, published: May 25, 2018]

    Can you correctly answer these ten questions on the Divergent books?

  • The Divergent Faction Quiz!
    [by: hermiones12, rated: rated: 4.06/5, published: Feb 19, 2018]

    You will soon learn whether you are in Amity, Dauntless, Erudite, Candor, and Abnegation.

  • Which maze runner character are you?
    [by: Grayson, rated: rated: 3.16/5, published: Aug 20, 2014]

    The Maze Runner is written by James Dasner a.k.a best author ever! It is a novel about a boy who is sent to a weird place and the weird people and things that…

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