So you think you know about languages?

Just about everybody is interested in language and languages to some degree. How much do you know about the languages spoken around the world? Take this 20-question quiz to find out.

There are around 6,500 languages spoken on earth. Some are commonly known and some are not. While we won't delve into the most esoteric knowledge, let's see how you do on some questions about the languages of the world--what they are called and where they are spoken, etc.

Created by: C.W.S.
  1. What do the Basques call their own unique language?
  2. What do the vast majority of Brazillians speak?
  3. Citizens of Luxembourg usually speak Luxebourgisch, a dialect of German, at home and with friends. What's the language of education and politics there?
  4. What do Hungarians call their language? / What do they call Russian?...
  5. Polish is most closely related to which of these languages?
  6. It is commonly known that the Chinese languages (Mandarin, Cantonese, etc.) are tonal languages. However, tonal languages aren't limited to Asia. Which of the following is also a true tonal (not a pitch accent) language?
  7. What do Albanians call their language?
  8. Which of the following pair are Mande languages (Mande is a branch of Niger-Congo)?
  9. Almost 90% of Paraguayans speak this native language with friends and family:
  10. Portuguese is sometimes tongue-in-cheek called "Spanish broken on delivery." What is often called "German broken on delivery?"
  11. The 'lang-' in the English word LANGUAGE has a proto-Indo-European root. What does this root mean?
  12. Is Vietnamese related to the Chinese languages?
  13. Which of the following is an Algonquian language?
  14. Is English descended directly from Latin?
  15. Spanish, as a Romance language, has tens of thousands of words derived from Latin. Latin American dialects of the language have borrowed heavily from native languages. However, what is the greatest source of borrowed words in Spanish?
  16. The Khosian languages of Africa are known for their click consonants. These click sounds have been borrowed by some non-Khosian languages. Which of these is one of them?
  17. All of the world's major writing systems, from the Hebrew alphabet, Arabic script, Devangari script and the Roman alphabet, derive ultimately from Egyptian hieroglyphs. Which of the following two DON'T derive from ancient Middle Eastern glyphs?
  18. What are the basic/main dialects of American English?
  19. Around how many people still speak Australian aboriginal languages?
  20. What is the language its native speakers call CYMRAEG called in English?

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