Which Germanic Language Should You Learn?

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Are you excited to learn which Germanic language you should learn? Go ahead and see!! :) (You will receive one answer from; German, Dutch, Norwegian, Icelandic, Swedish, Faroese, and Danish)

I know Finnish isn't a Germanic language but I just had to add it!!! :p Again, sorry about my UK autocorrect that changes "z" to "s". Feel free to offer any kind of feedback regarding this quiz or any suggesting for my next quizzes. Thank you and enjoy!

Created by: QuizforYouFromMe
  1. How important is it that this language is the closest to English?
  2. Pick which one sounds more appealing to you for a language to learn.
  3. Pick what is important to you when you want to learn a language.
  4. Pick a characteristic that describes you.
  5. Pick a way to greet your friend that sounds satisfying to you.
  6. What matters to you most in life?
  7. Pick a delicious (lol) colour.
  8. Pick a word that attracts you.
  9. What type of food do you like? (I know it's not very relevant but just in case you visit the language's main country, you want to be able to eat comfortably, right?)
  10. (Again, if you were to travel there this might be of importance to you) Are you Christian and does it matter if the country is generally associated with religion?
  11. Are you excited to see your answer? (Doesn't affect quiz score)

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Quiz topic: Which Germanic Language should I Learn?