What Type of Learner Are You?

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Find out how you learn best, as well as which study skills best work for you! This is merely just a quiz on the 3 main types so it would be best to learn more about the 6 other types to see if one of them sounds more like you than the ones here in this quiz.

The 6 other types: Stress (learn what stresses them), Ease (learn what relaxes them), Scribble (learn what they write out), Trust (learn from authority), Teach (learn from teaching), Copy (learn what they can copy)

Created by: Flipper
  1. When reading a book, I tend to:
  2. I prefer websites that have:
  3. When I'm with a group of friends, I would rather:
  4. When I see the letters 'c-a-t', the first thing that comes to mind is:
  5. When concentrating on something, I am more likely to:
  6. It's easier for me to understand if I:
  7. When learning in class, I prefer to:
  8. If learning to cook, I would rather:
  9. When using electronic equipment for the first time, I prefer to:
  10. When going to a new place, I prefer to:
  11. When teaching something new to someone, I would rather:
  12. I remember something best by:
  13. To relax, I would rather:
  14. In school, I find it easier to remember:
  15. I usually learn best when:
  16. I find it easiest to remember:
  17. I learn best from a teacher who:
  18. To learn new computer software, I would rather:
  19. I remember best by:
  20. I prefer a teacher who uses:

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Quiz topic: What Type of Learner am I?

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