Learner's Permit Driving Quiz

I created this quiz to help my son get ready to take his learner's permit required written test. I went through the book and made up my own quiz. I hope it helps!

Make sure you study your own Driver's License handbook. The requirements may be a little different for each state. Good luck and I hope you pass your test!

Created by: kelley
  1. Is driving a privilege or a right?
  2. You should never drive a vehicle at a speed
  3. Unless otherwise posted, the maximum speed limit in towns or cities is:
  4. On roads and highways outside of towns, the maximum speed allowed is:
  5. When driving on slippery roads, the speed limit is:
  6. Signals for turns should be given at least ____ feet before making the turn.
  7. While you are driving, when you want to change lanes, make sure you do the following
  8. A bike or motorcycle in a lane is entitled to full use of that lane.
  9. Do NOT pass in the following situation:
  10. When following another vehicle, a safe following distance can be calculated by the following:
  11. A complete stop is required for the following:
  12. A complete stop is also required for the following situations:
  13. When two cars enter an intersection from different roads at approximately the same time, the driver on the left shall yield the right of way to the driver on the right.
  14. If you are entering a through street or highway and approach a stop sign, you
  15. If you approach a yield sign, you only need to stop when necessary to avoid interference with other traffic that has the right of way, including pedestrians
  16. Parking is not allowed at the following places:
  17. Parking is also not permitted at the following places:
  18. Parking is permitted on the sidewalk
  19. You can park in handicapped parking if you need to even without displaying a handicapped license plate or a tag on your rearview mirror.
  20. Drivers must slow down or stop for pedestrians whether they are in a marked crosswalk or not.
  21. If you do not have proof of insurance when operating a motor vehicle, your driving privileges will be suspended and may be revoked.
  22. Refusal to submit to one or more tests of breath, blood or urine to determine if the driver is under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs will result in driver license suspension of one year.
  23. When driving in fog, you should use your high beam lights.
  24. You can use your parking lights instead of your headlights after sunset.
  25. Use your headlights:
  26. A first conviction of driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs will result in
  27. An octagon shaped sign always means stop.
  28. Yield signs are made of the following shape:
  29. A round yellow sign with X and RR means
  30. Rectangle shaped signs are generally used to:
  31. Warning signs are are generally _____ shaped (except RR crossing signs which are round, and no passing signs which are pennants.)
  32. Pentagon shaped signs always indicate that you are near a ______ or a place where _______ are present
  33. At a traffic light, if the light turns yellow before you enter the intersection, it is okay to enter the intersection.
  34. If a traffic light turns yellow after you enter an intersection, you should stop and back up.
  35. When a traffic light turns green, you should assume the traffic is clear and proceed through the intersection.
  36. A red flasher light means:
  37. A yellow flasher light means
  38. You can drive around dropped railroad crossing gates if you don't yet see a train or you think you can go around them really fast.
  39. When an traffic signal turns yellow you should:
  40. When driving in a fog, you should always use your
  41. The best way to bring your car out of a skid is to:
  42. If your right wheels run off of the pavement you should
  43. When entering an interstate highway
  44. "Overdriving" your headlights means:
  45. Alcohol has been found to be a contributing factor in more than half of fatal traffic accidents
  46. At night it is just as easy to see an unexpected object in the road as it is to see an expected one.

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