Ther are many hunters, but to what degree? This test will grade your ability to hunt, trap, and research the paranormal, and the supernatural entities around us.

Are you worthy of a class 3 permit to hunt and execute the dark forces around us. We hope so. But only through our test can we gauge your abilities and your knowledge. Today you will see too.

Created by: TOFO Admin
  1. How may a skinwalker or fleshgait fool the minds and perception of its victims?
  2. In the event a mortal dies in a wrongfull death such a car crash, when the last thing the person sees is a photo of a loved one, or close relative. What will they return as?
  3. In Alchemy, how many signs of the celestials are there?
  4. When trapping werewolves, what herb can be tipped on barbs, or blades for effective kills and submission?
  5. What type of wards and incantations have the MOST prevelent effect on a wendigo?
  6. Though not coporeal, but ethereal. What is the most effective way to trap a lesser shade, such as a shadow being?
  7. What weapon could slay the Rakshasa?
  8. What was the number of demons solomon trapped with the lesser key of solomon?
  9. What is another name for a navajo witch that succumbed to canibalism?
  10. What is a common weakness to exploit when dealing with Parlanguas, Rakes, or Fleshgaits?
  11. When hunting witches, what must be removed from their person in order for them to become vulnerable?
  12. When trapping sea serpents, what is the most effective tool to use?
  13. When hunting vampires, what is NOT physically deadly?
  14. In Alchemy, what is a brew that has been fermented in alcohol called?
  15. What is the shadowside?

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