Are you a true lover of Supernatural?

From hunting Demons to fighting off Angels, Sam and Dean have been everywhere, taking you along with them on each trip. How well do you know the Supernatural series?

Test yourself with this painfully obvious Supernatural quiz. How well do you know the story of Sam and Dean's ten year journey with other hunters and all of the creatures they fight? Jk it's all useless information anyways.

Created by: Kailee
  1. What year was Sam Winchester born?
  2. What happened to Jo?
  3. How many times, in total, has Sam and Dean died throughout all 10 seasons?
  4. In what season did Bobby sell his soul?
  5. WHY did Bobby sell his soul to Crowely?
  6. Who is Castiel?
  7. Who's the leader of the Leviathans?
  8. What happened to Lucifer?
  9. What is Sam worse fear?
  10. What happened when Dean caught Ghost Sickness?
  11. What is Supernatural's legacy song?
  12. (This question has nothing to do with Supernatural) How much wood would a wood-chuck chuck, if a wood-chuck could chuck wood?

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Quiz topic: Am I a true lover of Supernatural?