5th-7th Grade Quiz

Most parents would like their children to pursue a degree in the medical field. In this program we try and spark your childs interest and hopefully start their path towards a medical degree.

Are you ready for a little doctors medical quiz? Have your 5th-7th grade child take this guiz to see how well they understand the human body and medical field.

Created by: eric
  1. What is the largest bone in the Human Body?
  2. On average, how many days to red blood cells live?
  3. What type of doctor treats cancer patients with Chemotherapy?
  4. What is the medical name for the outer layer of skin?
  5. What type of doctor do children see when they have a cold?
  6. What is the medical name for toes?
  7. Which two organs filter the blood?
  8. What is the largest organ in the body?
  9. which organ produces insulin?
  10. What test do students striving to be doctors take before applying for medical school?

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