My own medical quiz!

Welcome to my "Medical Quiz". This quiz is not for the regular lay person who doesn't know their finger from their toes. You need to be well versed in Emergency Medicine if you want to be a true genius on this test. I wish you the best of luck: :)

Do you really have what it takes to get a 100 on this quiz? Prove me wrong and I might acutally give you money....Now that was sarcasm...If you do pass it, I will surely be impressed with your intelligence.

Created by: Joseph

  1. What is the ALS-AMS (Altered Mental Status) Protocol?
  2. What are the 2 shockable rhythms on the BLS level?
  3. You have a patient with a GCS <8, Strong/bounding pulse, unequeal pupils, and Cushing's reflex. Your presumptive Diagnosis is:
  4. This is the only self-correcting type of shock:
  5. Using the START (Simple treatment and rapid triage) system, a RED Tag with Organophosphate poisoning will recieve what intra-muscular injections?
  6. Beck's Triad (JVD-Jugular Vein Distention, Muffled Heart Sounds and Narrowing pulse pressure) is indicative of what condition?
  7. Your patient has a systolic B/P < 90, your patient is suffering what type of shock?
  8. What is the Max. dose of ASA given to patients with chest pain?
  9. Upon arrival you find a 60 y/o fem. c/o respiratory distress x 20 mins w/ no pain. Vitals are: 220/100, 100 weak/thready, resps. 30/labored, diaphoretic upon palp. Your patient has a diabetic Hx. What is your Dx?
  10. Your patient has a gun shot wound between the 4th/5th intercostal space. En Route to the hospital, your patient develops a Tensionpneumothorax, on the BLS level, how would you alleviate pressure?
  11. What is the protocol for rising ICP (intercranial pressure)?
  12. Deoxygenated blood returns to the heart by way of:
  13. The vocal cords are found in the:
  14. The only contraindication of a NPA (naso-pharyngeal airway is):
  15. In one rescuer CPR, the rate of compressions to ventilations is:
  16. You have a 49 y/o male c/o chest pain w/ dyspnea x 20 mins. P.E reveals, pupils-equal/reactive to light, + central cyanosis, +JVD, +carpal/pedal edema, Lung sounds- bliat. rales/ 84/60, 100 irreg/weak, resps. 32 lab. What is your Dx?

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