test on your medical knowledge

true geniuses are hard to find and very rare, if you believe you are a true genius when it comes to medical terminology then try this test and you will be surprised at the amount you actually do know already, if not sure take a guess you will most probably get it right.

this quiz is all about medical knowledge, there are some hard questions and some easy ones, (well i thought they were). it involves questions about the body and your insides, the languaged used is mainly in the third person. i made this quiz because i am interested in the medical aspect of life, and wanted to share some of my knowledge with everyone else

Created by: mushy!!!
  1. how many salivary glands do you have?
  2. how many salivary glands do you have?
  3. if you was on an orthopeadics ward, what would be your problem?
  4. what does DNA stand for?
  5. which means that your blood pressure is too high?
  6. which of these is a tropical infectious disease?
  7. if you have a mammogram done what is it looking for?
  8. how many of these are your salivary glands salivary glands?
  9. what is tennis elbow?
  10. where is your pancreas situated?

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Quiz topic: Test on my medical knowledge