Which surgical profession should you pursue?

The medical field is broad and overwhelming, so how are you supposed to choose just one career to pursue? Through the help of this quiz, you may just be able to decide!

After answering just a few questions, you will find out whether you are more of a Surgical Technician, Registered Nurse, Nurse Anesthetist, Anesthesiologist Assistant, Surgeon, or Occupational Therapist.

Created by: Grace
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  1. Do you consider yourself compassionate or empathetic to people's emotions?
  2. Do you like to take charge and work independently?
  3. How much education are you willing to endure?
  4. Do you prefer immediate or long-term gratification in your work?
  5. Do you prefer a more structured schedule, or one that has more flexible hours?
  6. Do you prefer the excitement of new, unknown challenges?
  7. Are you more interested in medical technology and instrumentation, or one-on-one patient care?
  8. Do you prefer the freedom to make your own choices in the workplace, or do you like to be able to ask questions from somebody above you in the hierarchy?
  9. Do you like the challenge of making quick, sound medical decisions, or do you prefer the comfort of following medical protocol?
  10. Do you enjoy the continuum of care with a patient, or do you prefer the excitement of a one-time shot at making a difference in a patient's life?

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Quiz topic: Which surgical profession should I pursue?