What Career Should You Pursue?

YOu will love my quiz. I worked so hard on it. Hopefully this will help you develop or find your true passion. I hope it will change lives.

The quiz is simple and aims to answer the question, "which career should I pursue?" Choose the answers that most closely relate to you and get a result!

Created by: Julie
  1. Which of these extra classes at school would you be most likely to take?
  2. If you have two hours to do whatever you want on a Saturday, what would you do?
  3. Which of these presents would you most like to receive for your birthday?
  4. Which subject do you enjoy most and/or are best at?
  5. What are others always saying about you?
  6. What sounds like your dream career?
  7. What sounds like the perfect bedroom?
  8. What group do you belong in at school?
  9. What's your biggest dream?
  10. What result do you most want to get?

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Quiz topic: What Career should I Pursue?