So many people want to pursue some long-felt passion, but instead they choose a dull every day type of day job. Take this quiz today to see if you should pursue your passions, listen to your heart and make your dreams come true or if you should keep living your life the way it is now.

I created this quiz because it will get your gears turning about what could be the most important decision of your life. The difference between singing in the community theatre play and singing on Broadway; playing drums in your garage or playing on stage; diagnosing your friends or writing prescriptions in your practice; being contentious towards your significant other or arguing your brief before the court. It's your choice. Make it soon.

Created by: Rita

  1. How long have you wanted to do this?
  2. What made you reconsider whether you would pursue that dream?
  3. Are you really talented, gifted, or passionate about this dream career?
  4. Once you get the results of this quiz how long will you wait before you make your decision?
  5. Are you motivated to pursue this career because of money?
  6. Do you have a huge investment to make to pursue this career or a huge risk to take?
  7. Do you have people depending on you financially?
  8. Do you think you could ever grow tired of this career?
  9. Would it make you proud?
  10. Is it safe and legal?

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