Which Olympic Gold Medalist Gymnast Are You?

You probably watched Women's Olympic Gymnastics. Have you ever wondered which gold medalist's career would be most like your career? Even if you haven't, this quiz is just for fun.

You may or may not be a gymnast with Olympic dreams in mind, or may not even be a gymnast AT ALL. But, it's still fun to daydream about which gymnast has your perspective about gymnastics.

Created by: Anna

  1. What events are your best?
  2. Did you have a horrible injury right before the Olympics?
  3. Has age worn you down?
  4. Do you have a nickname given to you by NBC?
  5. Are you known for something?
  6. Are you known for dance?
  7. Were you just lucky to win the gold medal?
  8. Did you think you'd win the gold?
  9. Do you think you deserved the medal?
  10. Last question: You thinkin' about stickin' around for Rio 2016?

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Quiz topic: Which Olympic Gold Medalist Gymnast am I?