What gymnastics level are you?

Hello all! If you clicked on this quiz I am going to assume you want to know your gymnastics level? Well this is just the right place! This is not going to be 100% accurate, because some may be a level three vaulter, but a level five floor worker! All will average out though, so this quiz is the most accurate quiz I could put together.

So have fun taking this! Gymnastics ranges all the way from level one, to elite! I am a gymnast who has competed a lot, and know my skills, so this is an accurate source of information. Lets get to it though! Good luck, and remember no matter what you test at you are an amazing gymnast, and you will only get better! Gymnastics kicks footballs butt when it comes to difficulty!!!!

Created by: Summer

  1. First we will start with vault, we will be going in the olympic order. What is the hardest vault you can do? ( You have to be cleared by your coaches to answer it and it has to be able to be done onto a solid surface, so not a foam pit, and it should be a vault you will be competing soon or are competing.)
  2. There was not much I could do for vault, so now we go to bars. First of all how high are your casts?
  3. Ok. Now choose the bars sequence that best suites your ability. If you are in the middle of one such as that one is to easy, but that one I need a spot for, choose the one that you can fully do by yourself.
  4. How many pull ups can you do in a row? ( bars is all about strength. The more muscle for bars the better) If your record is say 21, round down to 20.
  5. Do you wear grips? If you choose the last one it has no effect on your score.
  6. Now for beam. Choose the series/skill that best suites your difficulty. It has to be able to be done on your own.
  7. Now choose a dismount you can do fully on your own that suites your difficulty level.
  8. Lastly, floor. What leap/leap pass is the hardest you can do?
  9. Choose the hardest back tumbling pass you can do by yourself on floor.
  10. Choose the hardest front tumbling pass you can do on floor by yourself.
  11. How many hours do you, or would you like to train a week?
  12. I have one more question, and it goes back to bars. What dismount best suites your difficulty level, that you can do all on your own?

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Quiz topic: What gymnastics level am I?