how's your English?

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this quiz has a medium - difficulty level. Take this quiz to find out whether you're really as good as you think you are or do you need to clear some confusions

the questions vary from topics like parts of speech, choosing the correct synonym etc.interesting questions have been developed keeping in mind the level

Created by: sumana of this site
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  1. Kylie's high pitched laugh was like a hyena cackle
  2. find the noun in this sentence : money doesn't make us happy unless we are poor
  3. you can use my car ___________ tomorrow
  4. choose the best synonym for possess
  5. __________ one- man show
  6. put the following words in the correct order
  7. I haven't eaten _______
  8. take an umbrella. It ___________ rain later
  9. _________ the table on the vase please
  10. he's been in London ______ five days

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Quiz topic: How's my English?