Red Vs Blue Quiz: Seasons 1-16(plus a few episodes from S17)

This will be a quiz about the popular series known as Red Vs Blue and will be covering material from seasons 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16, and a few details from season 17 so SPOILER WARNING.

The difficulty of these questions will go from easy to medium to hard and then just rotate through that order and be warned that again there are SPOILERS, so don't go blaming me for a choice you made yourself by taking this quiz.

Created by: Philip

  1. What is the primary weapon of Sarge?
  2. In what season did time travel really happen in for the first time? (Like legit travel through time)
  3. What is Agent Washington's first name?
  4. How many lines of dialogue has Agent Maine had?(OTHER THAN HIS NORMAL GROWLING)
  5. How many A.I have appeared so far in season 17?(Alpha doesn't count since at this time he didn't know he was the Alpha)
  6. Which freelancers have the Reds and Blues actually had conversations with?(select the one that is 100% correct)
  7. When Tucker fought the cyclopes in season 16, how many balls did he discover it had?
  8. What is the name of the character that Caboose shot in the back early in season 6 when Wash was recruiting the Reds and Blues?
  9. What character says the first line of dialogue at the beginning of the show?
  10. Who was the first character to use the term "SHISNO"?
  11. What seasons did the armor of Agent Maine appear in?(the person wearing it doesn't matter)
  12. In what year did the first few episodes of Red Vs Blue release?
  13. What sport is Tucker's son confirmed to have played in grade school?
  14. What was the password that Simmons gave Donut when wanting to enter red base during season 4?(after Simmons had left red team and joined the blue team)
  15. What language does Lopez use?
  16. What U.S president was recruited onto Sarge's special team during season 16?
  17. "Do you ever wonder why we are here?"
  18. What is the name of the social media website that Simmons created in season 11 to talk with his friends on red team while being blue team's ''prisoner''?
  19. In season 14 what 2 characters had a rap battle, and what other 2 characters had a section of rap to themselves?
  20. What member of the Reds and Blues is a cyborg?

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