The Hardest "Steven Universe" Quiz You Will Take

Welcome to a quiz to test your knowledge on your favorite polymorphic sentient rocks and their adventures! This covers episodes up until Hit the Diamond, as well as promos and episode titles from later in Season 3.

WARNING: This is NOT a spoiler free quiz. It also includes material that is not yet canon- including stuff currently confirmed online only. This includes promos and information from the Crewniverse social media accounts.

Created by: KGB
  1. According to Rebecca Sugar, if Connie was a Gem, which color would her gemstone be?
  2. What is the earliest point in time an episode has been set in?
  3. What is the gemstone of the pufferfish monster that attacked in "Beach Party?"
  4. Which member of the "Ruby Squad" from Hit the Diamond is the youngest?
  5. In which episode did Blue Pearl first appear?
  6. Which gem has been referred to as a "puny, overcooked runt" on at least one occasion?
  7. Which three Beach City citizens constitute "The Cool Kids?"
  8. When was Amethyst created?
  9. In which episode does the corrupted gem Obelisk appear?
  10. Which of these is NOT an upcoming Season 3 episode?
  11. Who of these is NOT a storyboarder for the show?
  12. Who of these is NOT a voice actor for the show?
  13. What other language is Connie shown to speak in "Winter Forecast?"
  14. Where is the Pizza family confirmed to be from?
  15. What is the first thing Amethyst ever shapeshifts into?
  16. "Enticement" is the soundtrack for which fusion dance?
  17. Onion and Sour Cream are...
  18. Empire City is based off of...
  19. Which song is this line from: "I think you're just mad 'cause you're single."

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