Which member of the Crystal Gems are you?

The show Steven Universe revolves around a group of 4 supernatural creatures, the Crystal Gems, composed of Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl, three gems, which are creatures possessing magical powers, and Steven Universe, an hybrid between a human and a gem.

But if you were a member of the Crystal Gems, which one would you be? Could you be Pearl, Amethyst, Garnet or even Steven Universe himself? Complete this quiz to find out!

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  1. It's time to go camping! What are the things you never forget to put in your backpack?
  2. People often describe you as...
  3. You are scolded by someone of an higher authority (parents, teachers...). What is your reaction?
  4. In a restaurant, you...
  5. You're invited to a costume party organized by your best friend! What do you disguise as?
  6. Someone is coming over, and your room is messy. What do you do?
  7. Someone's in trouble! What do you do?
  8. What is the most important thing in life for you?
  9. What kind of games do you prefer among these four categories?
  10. What kind of weapon would you use in a fight?
  11. What's a thing you can't stand?

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Quiz topic: Which member of the Crystal Gems am I?