Survivor TV Show Trivia

Welcome to my quiz on the CBS TV show, Survivor. This quiz will address the 23 seasons of Survivor that have aired thus far. Some questions will be only about one season, while others will be about Survivor in general.

I made this quiz because I am a die-hard Survivor fan. The quizzes that you already could take do not concern the recent seasons of Survivor because they were made before those seasons aired. I want there to be a quality, current, and fun Survivor quiz to take.

Created by: Matt
  1. Who is the only contestant to win twice?
  2. In Survivor: Samoa, how many (of 9) votes did Russell receive at the Final Tribal Council?
  3. Which of these seasons was won by a woman?
  4. What Survivor has played the most times?
  5. Which of these contestants was not the first boot of their listed season?
  6. How many seasons has Survivor aired (as of 12/25/11)?
  7. In Survivor: Palau, who quit to save Stephenie from being voted off?
  8. What Survivor contestant did Jeff Probst date after her season?
  9. Which Survivor: South Pacific contestant divorced her husband in favor of Keith, a contestant she met on the show?
  10. Two Survivor contestants are married to two pitchers from the same MLB team. What team is it?
  11. How many contestants in the U.S. version of Survivor have died since their appearance?
  12. In which of these seasons did eliminated contestants not have the chance to come back?
  13. The winner of what never won Survivor?
  14. To date, which season of Survivor preformed the lowest in the Nielsen Ratings (adults 18-49)?
  15. What was the only season to have an odd number of castaways?
  16. What was Rob's tribe called in Survivor: Redemption Island?
  17. Who is the oldest Survivor winner?
  18. Who won the Fan Favorite Vote in Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains
  19. Who was the second-to-last remaining member of the Ulong tribe?
  20. What contestant offered to buy the title of 'Sole Survivor' from the winner of his or her season?
  21. What season featured a two day hike to start the game?
  22. Who found the first hidden immunity idol?

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