Are you a dog expert?

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There are many dog lovers in the world, but not all of them are dog experts! How much do you know about dogs, and how do you compare to other dog lovers? Will you get a passing score?

Find out in this fun quiz. All of the questions are easy to medium level difficulty. I tried not to put any questions that were extremely difficult, but hard enough that you have to think about the answer. Thanks for taking my quiz!

Created by: annafrozen12
  1. How many different breeds of dogs are there?
  2. Are Dalmatians born with spots?
  3. Do dogs have night vision?
  4. Choose the smallest breed of dog in this list.
  5. Choose the largest breed of dog in this list.
  6. Choose the dog breed that is famous for being used as a police dog.
  7. Choose the fastest breed of dog in this list.
  8. Which of these breeds is found in the "Herding" group.
  9. Which of these breeds is found in the "Toy" group.
  10. When a dog has a wet nose, what does it mean?
  11. What kind of a diet do dogs have?
  12. Why do dogs pant?
  13. (True or false) The domesticated dog is a descendant of the grey wolf.
  14. (True or false) Dogs can only see in black and white.
  15. (True or false) A purebred dog is always less healthy than a mix breed dog.
  16. (True or false) A pitbull has unique jaws that lock down when attacking.
  17. (True or false) Dogs have dreams just like people do.

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