How much do you know about dogs

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There are many smart dog lovers, but few true dog lovers, Dog lovers afteral know a lot about dogs almost everything about them to they are able to tell a different breed of dog from a distance.

Do u know anything about dogs ? Do u have what it takes to reach a high score? are you willing to take this quiz ? then find out and take the awesome quiz.

Created by: Animallover100

  1. What breed of dog is the fastest?
  2. Which dog is most intelligent?
  3. Which of these dogs are made up?
  4. Which dog has a black tounge?
  5. Which dog is most popular for dog shows
  6. What dog is best used for guarding?
  7. Which animal is the dogs ancestor?
  8. Which dog travelled to space?
  9. Which of these names is a cartoon dog?
  10. laugh question : What did I eat for breakfast this morning? lol

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about dogs