Dog Trivia (How much do you know about dogs?)

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There are over 400 different type of dog breeds, with only 200 recognized by the Kennel Club. Dogs have been man's best friends... but how much do you know about dogs?

By answering these questions, you'll be able to test your knowledge on how much you know about dogs! Can you get at least half marks? It's not an easy quiz, so good luck!

Created by: amazon
  1. What dog breed is the smallest?
  2. What dog breed is the tallest
  3. What is a Brachycephalic dog breed?
  4. What is the most intelligent dog breed?
  5. How many words can the average dog recognize?
  6. What dog is also named the "Alsatian"
  7. What origin where poodles bred in
  8. What does the name "Lowchen" translate in English?
  9. What country did the Pit bull originally come from?
  10. Which dog breed is called "The King of the Toys"
  11. What place of origin is the Australian Shepherd really from?
  12. What breeds where used to create the Great Dane?
  13. What is also called the "Gladiator of the Dog world"
  14. What country was the Borzoi bred in and what was their original purpose?
  15. What dog breed only has a lifespan of 6-7 years?
  16. Which dog breed doesn't have a bark?
  17. What breed collection is bred in the United Kingdom
  18. What collection is bred in the United States?
  19. What is the Average lifespan of a Rottweiler
  20. What is the smallest accepted breed by the Kennel Club?
  21. What is the Largest dog accepted in the Kennel club?
  22. What is the heaviest dog breed?
  23. What dog breed has the strongest bite force of over 500 psi?

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