If you were a dog...

Dogs are great, but not all dogs are created equal. Some are tiny, others giant. Not all were bred to be man's best friend; in fact, many were bred to be man's greatest tool.

So what type of dog are you? How strong is your sense of purpose? What is your temperament? Maybe you have a reputation that is ill-suited to who you really are.

Created by: Garrett
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Let's say there's someone challenging you to a fight. You're response is:
  2. There is an obstacle in your way.
  3. Ever get the feeling that people don't know the "real you"?
  4. Favorite martial art:
  5. Favorite instrument
  6. Size- small or tall? Muscle or Lean?
  7. Food
  8. Drink
  9. Sociable
  10. Hair style

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