What is Your Violence Level

Violence is the worlds answer to everything today resulting in types of wars and family fights. This can be a danger to this world and take this quiz to see your violence level.

Ever wonder what your natural instinct is? Fight or flight? Take this quiz "What is Your Violence Level" to find what your natural response is.

Created by: Jojo

  1. If someone steals your purse what is your first reaction?
  2. If you have the chance to get into a different class which would you choose?
  3. What is your favorite color?
  4. What is your favorite out of these possibilities?
  5. If you heard a bump in the night your first reaction is to...?
  6. If you were to punch a person out of anger how hard?
  7. If someone offended you your first reaction is to...?
  8. If someone asked you to hit them you...?
  9. Are you more...
  10. Thanks for participating!

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Quiz topic: What is my Violence Level