Professional Ethics

This quiz is intended to provide a knowledge assessment for students wishing to undertake an ethics examination at level 3 within the accountancy profession.

You gain no formal accreditation by taken this test, but it does give you an idea of what level 3 ethics examinations might include. Please note material is current as of 2013.

Created by: John Gray
  1. Which best statement describes who The AAT Code of Professional Practice applies to:
  2. Which of the following is NOT a fundamental principle of professional Ethics
  3. Which fundamental ethical principle does the following statement best represent: "Basing decisions on real facts, rather than being influenced by personal beliefs or feelings"
  4. Under which Law is compensation the most likely remedy?
  5. What are the three statutory reserved areas of an accountants work?
  6. State 3 of the 5 members of the Consultative Committee of Accounting Bodies
  7. The International Standards Ethics Board is a subcommittee of the
  8. An ombudsman is usually appointed by the Government?
  9. Which of the fundamental ethical principles is at most risk by you allowing one client to represent a large proportion of your fee income?
  10. Making a Management Decision on behalf of your client is
  11. Who is more likely to be exposed to advocacy threats
  12. Which answer best explains the approach an Accountant should use to tackle an ethical issue?
  13. Which answer best describes the situation where you are offered something to encourage you towards a course of action
  14. What is the maximum penalty for someone accepting a bribe
  15. The duty of care to a client is only applicable for the period during which you proved services
  16. If you hold money on behalf of a client you are ........
  17. What is the maximum penalty for an individual guilty of money laundering?
  18. Which of these is NOT an objective of the Brundtland Report
  19. What does CSR stand for in connection with business reporting
  20. When considering ethical issues the order of influence applied by the accountant should always be?

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