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This is your chance to discover whether you are truly an ethics genius? Do you have the knowledge, soundness of judgment, and critical thinking to qualify for that awesome title? Up until now, how could you possibly know. Your uncertainty will soon be over, thanks to this beautiful quiz. In just minutes, you can discover your true aptitude for ethics! Or maybe this is just a fun quiz, with no great powers of prediction.

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  1. A social worker and a psychologist walk into a bar and see one of the social worker's clients. The social worker should:
  2. A client threatens to sue a social worker for malpractice. The social worker should:
  3. A client says she has thought about committing suicide. The social worker should:
  4. Luigi tells a social worker that he wants to see his case records because he may need them for an upcoming court case. The social worker should:
  5. Greta is having memory problems. Her social worker would like to have informed consent to have Greta's mental capacity assessed. The social worker should:
  6. Sally is a social worker who advocates online for the U.S. government to stop allowing immigrants from Muslim-majority countries. A client named Ahmad sees her online posts and says he wants a different social worker. Sally should:
  7. Quincy is working with a client from Bulgaria and knows nothing about Bulgarian culture. Quincy should:
  8. Melania's neighbor George wants to see her for counseling. He says he has social anxiety and would like her to do a home visit. This request could raise an ethical issue related to:
  9. Bindy is going through a terrible divorce and has trouble focusing on her work, particularly when counseling couples. This situation raises ethical issues related to:
  10. Bryn tells his social worker he had a dream that he was physically abused as a child by his neighbor. When deciding whether to report this information to child protective services, the social worker should assess whether there is:

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