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How ethical are you? To find out try this simple but unscientific test. Do not expect to score high. That is not the purpose. But give it a try, and see how you stack up. Put your value system to the test in the following situations

There are 8 ethical questions that can help us make a good ethical decision in any situation. If you follow these 8 tests you are bound to make the right choice in life and in business.

Created by: Mr. Fusco

  1. Employees should not be expected to tell supervisors of wrong doings by their co-workers
  2. There are times when a manager must overlook a contract and safety violations in order to get on with the job
  3. It is not always possible to keep accurate expense records; therefore, it is sometimes necessary to give approximate figures
  4. It is sometimes necessary to conduct personal business on company time
  5. Sometimes it is good psychology to set goals somewhat above normal if it will help obtain a greater effort from the sales force
  6. I would quote an unrealistic shipping date in order to make a sale
  7. It is proper to use the company long-distance telephone line for personal calls when it is not being used for company business
  8. Management must be goal oriented; therefore, any action needed to reach is acceptable
  9. If it takes heavy entertainment and twisting a bit of company policy to win a large contract I would approve of the behavior
  10. Exceptions to company policy and procedures are a way of life
  11. A cashier should only report when the customer underpays, rather than overpays, for goods sold
  12. Occasional use of the company's copy machine for personal or community activities is acceptable
  13. Taking home company property (pencils, paper, tape, etc) for personal use is an accepted fringe benefit

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