How's your self-esteem these days?

Self-esteem is an important measure that factors into who you are, how you see yourself, and how others see you. It is a measure of how much you value yourself and how much faith you have in yourself. It can forecast success in many aspects of life, including work, social and romantic relationships.

How's your self-esteem these days? Take this brief quiz to get an idea of whether you're soaring high or sinking low and what it means for your life.

Created by: Pelin
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  1. If I am not chosen for a project at work or school, I feel that it is because I am not good enough.
  2. If I am romantically attracted to a man/woman and the affection is not returned, I feel depressed about it.
  3. I often don't speak up when in meetings/class because I don't want to look stupid.
  4. If a friend criticized my clothes, I would change my outfit.
  5. Other people's opinions of me matter more than my own.
  6. If someone acts aggressively toward me, I usually consider that they are right.
  7. I have a hard time forgiving myself when I've done something wrong.
  8. If my stomach growls loudly in a meeting/class, I blush and wish to hide under the nearest rock.
  9. When I do less than perfect, I feel like the whole world is watching in disapproval.
  10. I am easily embarrassed.
  11. I really care what my friends and family think of me and take heed to their advice.
  12. I think there are people better than me that I could never approach as a friend.
  13. I never dance in public, no matter the situation, because I look ridiculous.
  14. When someone compliments me, they're just trying to be nice.
  15. I'm scared to get romantically involved with anyone because I've been hurt in the past.
  16. I'm uncomfortable meeting new people.
  17. When I do well on an assignment, it's not that important, just expected.
  18. I always try to give people what they want, even if it's not what I want.
  19. If someone I respect says I'm stupid, they're probably right.
  20. I don't need or want any new friends.
  21. I think I'm attractive to other people.
  22. I think I'm good enough to be friends with anyone I like.
  23. I can be successful in life.
  24. I think I'm a good friend.
  25. If someone I know yelled at me for no reason, I would stand up for myself and oppose.
  26. I think I'm beautiful/handsome.
  27. My friends like me.
  28. After achieving well on a project, I deserve a treat.
  29. If I were unjustly demoted at work or got a bad grade on a good assignment, I would confront my boss/professor about it.
  30. I think I'm a good person and a valuable member of society.

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Quiz topic: How's my self-esteem these days?