Self Esteem Quiz

This is a quick self assessment quiz to see where your level of self esteem is. It is based on one created by Karl Perera, author of the More Self Esteem website.

Self esteem is very important for both a happy life and a successful business. Take this quiz to see if your self esteem is helping you reach for your dreams or holding you back from achieving your potential.

Created by: Carma

  1. I'm just as good and fortunate as others.
  2. I'm O.K. with who I am. I am happy with myself.
  3. I enjoy hanging out and socializing with others.
  4. I am worthy of both love and respect.
  5. I am needed and feel valued by others.
  6. I know when I've done a good job and don't need others to tell me so.
  7. It is important that I be myself.
  8. It is easy for me to make friends.
  9. When I received constructive criticism, I don't feel put down.
  10. I'm big enough to admit my mistakes openly and honestly.
  11. I don't need to hide my true feelings.
  12. I always speak up for myself and communicate how I see things
  13. I consider myself a happy, carefree person.
  14. What others think of my views is of no consequence to me, so I don't worry about it.
  15. I don't need the approval of others to feel good about myself.
  16. I am free of guilt when I do or say what I want.

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