Measure Your Strength

I am in the process of designing a system that makes it practical to chart your biorhythms accurately. I want to incorporate strength as one of the variables that is charted and predicted, so here's the test to measure it.

Use this easy, daily self-test to measure your strength, designed for use with my Biorhythm Tracker. Measure your concentric, static, eccentric, starting, and acceleration strengths and your strength endurance.

Created by: Samantha Brehm

  1. Do a chin up. I... (concentric)
  2. Hold yourself up in chin up position. I... (static)
  3. Let yourself down from the chin up. I... (eccentric)
  4. Make a straight line on even ground. Mark a perpendicular starting line. Set a timer to beep each second. Stand still at the starting line. Start running at the first beep. Stop and mark your spot at the second beep. I... (starting)
  5. Measuring from the starting line, mark at 2, 5, 9, 14, and 20 yds. Set a timer to beep each second. Start running at the first beep. You must pass a mark for each beep. Stop and mark the spot when you can't keep up. I... (acceleration)
  6. Do 10 push ups, or stop when form or energy fails. I... (endurance)
  7. Filler question #1
  8. Filler question #2
  9. Filler question #3
  10. Filler question #... something.
  11. You realize these don't affect your score, right?
  12. What's your favorite color?

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