Are you as Good as me?

Many people are like me. I've often wondered how many are like me? Do you measure up? Take this quiz and find out if "You are as good as me" Chances are good that your not, but you can try to measure up and maybe win a monkey or another top prize(there are none)

if you are easily offended then feel free to take this quiz. I love feeling superior to those of you that are my lessors(and easily offended) If not please feel free to continue your nose picking and always remember to pick your nose before you pick your butt.

Created by: I are Joe

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  1. If a train leaves New York heading for San Fransisco at ten AM(thats the morning) and travels at 47 mph average and makes three stops, one in Pittsburgh one in Chicago and one in Salt Lake city how many times has the train stopped by the time you reached your destination
  2. A bunny rabbit walks into a bar...
  3. You and your better half are getting married. You. . .
  4. When making a white suace you always make sure to add. . .
  5. How many woodchucks make a good stew?
  6. Do you feel you're as good as me?
  7. Did you enjoy this quiz?
  8. Are you still here?
  9. Are you glad it's finally done?
  10. Chicken or egg?

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Quiz topic: Am I as Good as me?