Will you end up in jail/juvie?

Have you ever wondered what your chances of ending up in jail or juvenile detention are? If you have, you have found the right quiz. This quiz will measure the possibility for you. Just answer honestly, and your results should be accurate.

This quiz will use some common variables to measure your chances of ending up in jail or juvenile detention. This quiz uses your experiences, your feelings, and your thoughts about certain things to calculate your score. Well, go on. Answer the questions, and find out your result.

Created by: cutestuffx333
  1. What is the worst thing you have done out of these?
  2. I respect the law:
  3. Have you ever drank liquor at an age younger than the legal drinking age?
  4. Have you ever smoked at an age younger than the legal age?
  5. Have you used illegal drugs/narcotics?
  6. Are you motivated to try to succeed, not by doing illegal things? (illegal ways of succeeding include social engineering, deception, cheating your way through the system, getting a job through illegal means, or working in an illegal business)
  7. Do you tend to lash out and get really angry?
  8. Did you have/are you having a happy childhood?
  9. How often do you break the law just because it's fun?
  10. As a child, did you/do you follow the rules your parents set?
  11. Have you ever teased/bullied someone?
  12. Do people consider you to be selfish?
  13. Do you enjoy causing people pain?
  14. Do you enjoy getting revenge?
  15. Do you ever imagine doing a criminal activity, and enjoying it?
  16. Complete the sentence. If you screw with me, __________
  17. Are you considered an aggressive person?
  18. This is the end of this quiz. Are you ready for your results? This doesn't count but is just for fun.

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Quiz topic: Will I end up in jail/juvie?