Quiz over "Schooled"

There are many people who love to read, but few true Gordon Korman lovers. Just how much do you love his books? Let us know by taking more quizzes.

Read Schooled, Pop, No More Dead Dogs, The Juvie Three, Swindle and Born to Rock in order to complete the race and make it to Manhattan before your classmates.

Created by: Robin Horst
  1. Rain broke what in the story that sent Capricorn to middle school?
  2. Capricorn got elected to do what job for his new 8th grade class?
  3. What did Capricorn think that he had to learn for his new job?
  4. What did happened when Capricorn meditated in front of his locker?
  5. What is the name of the TV show that Capricorn started to watch with Sophie?
  6. What special gift did Sophie get from her dad for her birthday?
  7. Where did Naomi burst into to plant a kiss on Capricorn?
  8. After the football team tackled Capricorn what event happened next that sent him back to the nurse?
  9. What came for Capricorn that surprised all the students at the middle school?
  10. What was Sophie doing when she realized Capricorn had given her the bracelet?

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