The Elemental wars part 1

Well, this is a little quiz story I made up. That's all I have to say. Take part two, comment rate, et cetera. Yes, I spelled that right. Don't listen to your result.

Okay, so this is about a girl who goes to boarding school, after being home schooled her entire life, and meets three girls who are completely different, except that they have one thing in common.

Created by: wolfgrl45
  1. "MARINA AGUA?" The voice bellowed. And even though it was voiced as one, I knew it wasn't a question, an inquiry.It was a demand. I shivered, even though my fluffy turquoise-and-white sweatshirt kept out the evening chill. No, I was nervous. I had never gone to school before, much less boarding school.
  2. I had lived on a farm my entire life. My family owned a sawmill, and I loved swimming in the mill pool with my two best friends: my cousin, Kejhana and my wolf, Ash, whom we had rescued after he had gotten shot by a hunter. I saw Kejhana four times a year: Christmas, Easter, Fourth of July, and Thanksgiving. "Go," my mom urged. "Keep Ash company," I said. Then I ran onto the train.
  3. The train ride was long and uneventful. I spent most of the time listening to U2 on my iPod and reading Warriors. Finally, the train stopped, and my boredom turned to dread.
  4. "Marina Agua?" a tall, mustachioed man asked me. "Yes, sir," I said. "Your dorm is number 400," he said. "Your roommates are settling in." I chewed on a strand of my long black hair nervously as I walked to the dorm.
  5. I reached the room. It was a simple wooden door with a gold 400 on it. The two zeroes looked like eyes. I took a deep breath and walked in.
  6. The room was comfortably large. There were four beds, each a different color: blue, green, silver, and orange. The silver one had stuff on it. A girl appeared and walked over to me. She had long, curly, blonde hair. She looked me in the eye and her green eyes seemed to glow. "I'm Terra," she said. "You must be Marina. Or are you Fira?" "I'm Marina," I said. "Well, choose your bed. I have the green one and Aria, my twin, has the silver one," she said. I immediately chose the blue one. A girl came out of the bathroom. She looked exactly like Luna Lovegood, from her tangled dirty blonde hair to her dreamy expression. All that was missing was the cork necklace and the dirigible plum earrings. Another girl burst through the door. She had firy orange hair and brown eyes. With out a glance at anyone, she plopped down on the orange bed and began arranging her stuff.
  7. I went down to the Great Hall with Terra and Aria. As we took our seats, Headmistress Taylor took a stand. "Here at Rockefeller Academy, you can expect ONLY the best," she said. "Some of the finest instructors of the world have come to teach YOU." She continued like that for about ten minutes, then we could eat. I saw Fira whisper something to her companion and she looked at me. I gasped. Sure, she was pretty, with a light tan and long, dark blonde hair, but her face, her FACE was flat. Not flat like squashed flat, just FLAT flat. Her eyes were beetle black. Her nose was like Voldemort's, but you could tell she had a nose, and her mouth was a straight line.
  8. A girl named Cindy caught me staring. "That's Tara," she said. "Do you think her face looks, WEIRD?" I asked. "No, it looks completely normal," she answered. "I think her face looks weird," said Aria. "It reminds me of something I read about. They're called gallums or gollems or something." "I think that her face looks normal," said Terra, and we dropped the subject. What Aria had said made me feel nervous. I knew what it was that she had forgotten, I just couldn't think of it.
  9. The next day, we had PE first thing after breakfast. While Fira grumbled about it, I was happy. I was beginning to feel trapped in the huge mansion. Our teacher, Miss Clemens, announced that we would be warming up with relay races. She split us into two groups of ten, and told us to find a five-girl team. Terra, Aria, and I got together with two other girls: Cindy from the night before, and her friend Stella. "Let me finish up," said Aria. "I'm really fast. I'll be able to catch up if we're behind." We agreed on the order: Terra, me, Cindy, Stella, Aria. Then we got ready. Terra was pretty fast. When she got back to me, we were ahead. I had always been pretty fast, so we were still ahead when I got back to Cindy. Cindy was fast too. But Stella tripped and we were behind. And then it was Aria's turn. She ran amazingly fast. Practically in a blink of an eye, she was at the end and coming back. Time was added to Aria's lap when her opponent tripped and fell. Then it was over. We went over to congratulate her. "Aria, you run as fast as the wind," I told her. Something about those words chilled me.
  10. Then I noticed Tara was walking over. Looking at me with anger, she said, "That girl, the last one, CHEATED!" she said angrily. "She did NOT!" I said. "Yeah. You saw how Chrissa tripped. SHE tripped her!" cried Tara, pointing at Aria. "What's the big deal?" I asked. "Why would you care?" asked Tara. "Stay out of this!" Then she noticed it. The necklace that my grandmother had given to me. It was blue, with green flecks and smelled like perfume. The magnetic clasp made it easy to grab. "Give it back!" I yelled. Fira gasped when she saw it. She opened her mouth. . .

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